We offer a complete array of Information Technology disposal services. We purchase resellable I.T. equipment, provide removal services and transportation, offer secure data destruction and provide for the proper disposal of e-waste. 

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I.T. Asset Recovery

Put some money back into your I.T. budget. We purchase used, off lease, new/old stock and surplus Information Technology equipment. We will purchase your equipment outright or sell it for you on consignment. We are experts at coordinating the removal of equipment and can handle multiple site/multiple state decommissioning projects.   


We Offer:

  • Top dollar for your I.T. assets

  • Freight logistics handled by our experienced staff

  • On-site packing services available

  • Post audit serialized reports documenting items received

  • Asset tag removal

  • Secure Data Destruction

  • Recycling Certificates

Secure Data Destruction

We offer secure data destruction services by means of a NIST 800-88 compliant wiping software to securely overwrite all data to make any type of data recovery impossible and document the process to comply with all applicable corporate and government regulations.


We offer:

  • Secure Facility including Monitored Security System, Camera System, Key-Card Access and Interior Fenced Storage Area for items containing sensitive data. 

  • Secure Erase Options (1 pass to multiple passes)

  • Detailed Audit Logging

  • Hard drive and data bearing device destruction


We provide environmentally responsible disposal of non-working equipment, e-waste and equipment beyond its usable shelf life. We are as committed to protecting our client's reputation and data as we are our own.  We are critically aware of our responsibility to both our client and the environment and committed to the safe and proper disposal of all equipment. 


We offer:

  • Environmentally responsible disposal

  • Asset Tag Removal

  • Serialized audits

  • Certificates of Disposal

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